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"… Masterpiece Theatre meets small-town America"

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We are thrilled to announce that All Those Small Things has been acquired by HBO Europe. Additionally it will be available on DVD and the following TVOD platforms on June 21st 2022: Google Play/YouTube, iNDemand, iTunes, Hoopla, XBOX, VUDU. It will become available on a host of other streaming platforms, in the Fall of 2022. We will keep you posted.

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Meet Jonathan Robbins

Long time British game show host, Jonathan Robbins, finds himself questioning his mortality and legacy after the recent death of a close friend. When he comes across an unexpected letter from a young fan, he heads into the backwoods of America in search of deeper meaning for his life.

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Executive Producers

Rebel Kat Productions
Rebecca Petriello

Rebecca Petriello

"It's that talent for reflective thinking that explains the role older adults have always played in human culture..."

Two years before the massive US and global protests that demanded an end to racial injustice, reviving the rallying cry, Black Lives Matter; two years before our planet was consumed by the rapacious Corona virus; Rebel Kat Film Fund 1 was formed to fulfill a mission: to give voice to marginalised stories; to foreground marginalised people in front of the camera and/or behind the scenes.

It took us one year to find the script that we wanted to finance and produce. All Those Small Things, written and directed by the immensely talented Andrew Hyatt, completed filming in Spokane and London, mere weeks before the US began to shutter. Post-production proceeded slowly under COVID, with new normal safety measures and considerable ingenuity.

It appealed to us on first reading, reflecting as it did the ‘small things’ of our Rebel Kat origin story. It takes place in England and America. The protagonist is a Shakespearean actor turned celebrity gameshow host. Rebel Kat is a US-UK partnership. We first worked together on an all-female stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, before creating the fund to finance content for film and television.

We also chose this story because of the culturally marginalised theme of age and aging. Be warned, our protagonist is … 70! And yet his journey is relatable, part of the human condition, that part of us that has become out of touch, unmoored and adrift in an ocean of mis-directed energy. In our protagonist’s case the condition is intensified by the hollow promise of fame and fortune, masquerading as immortality.

Our film invites you to consider the authentic wisdom of an old woman who believes in the transformative power of those small things in life. She knows that to “change just one life for the better” can lead to radical and transformative shifts in ourselves.

Andrew hyatt



Andrew Hyatt is the award-winning writer/director of the historical dramas Paul, Apostle of Christ and Full of Grace and the award winning indie thrillers, The Last Light, and The Frozen. Paul, Apostle of Christ was released by Sony Pictures and Affirm Films in 2018, starring Jim Caviezel and James Faulkner. The film was made for a modest budget of $5m and has grossed over $26.5m worldwide at the box office. Hyatt’s film Full of Grace was released by Cinedigm in January of 2016, and the film has been praised for its unique insight into the humanity of often generically portrayed Biblical figures and has been credited as paving the way towards a new genre of film termed “Sacred Art House.”

Gerardo Madrazo



Gerardo Madrazo, AMC is a Mexican / French cinematographer best known for Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018), Kickboxer Retaliation (2017), Sundown (2016), Full of Grace (2015) and his most recent collaborations with director Mark Neveldine for the thriller The Vatican Tapes (2015) and the graphic novel adaptation for the action film Officer Downe (2016) directed by “Clown” from Slipnot aka Shawn Crahan.


James Faulkner

James Faulkner

UK Supporting Cast

UK photographer - Angela Adams
US photographer - Oliver Irwin

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